Dona Mitchell

Dona Mitchell’s Bio

Mrs. Dona Mitchel is the 3rd Vice President of the International Association for Truancy Dropout Prevention were she formerly served on the Board of Directors for 2 years.

She has served as a member of the Texas Association of Truancy & Dropout Prevention for 3 years and is a member of the newsletter committee.

For 20 years Dona has combined artistic gifts and a servants heart to empower, equip, and engage youth across the USA and Internationally. As an INDIE Playwright, Filmmaker, Talk Show Host, and Event Coordinator she address’ youth social issues bringing awareness and exposure to communities. Dona’s work is seen nationally with the latest airing on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas in 2015 regarding Truancy during National Attendance Month. She spends hours creating films and PSA’s impacting communities. The latest PSA is circulating through social media regarding, ‘youth and law enforcement’. She received ‘Poet of the Year’ award from The Famous Poets Society; donated inspirational poetry to Homeless Children International. Produced ‘Child Abandonment’ which received notoriety in the Dallas Morning News regarding children abandoned in hot cars. Founded ‘Making Black Communities HIV/AIDS Smart’ partnering with organizations testing 500 youth. Partnered with The Cottrell House auditioning incarcerated teens for a crime prevention/gang intervention production called ‘Break the Streets’, where Dona and 2 impacted teens appeared on CW 33’s DFW Close-Up. Since 2011, Dona has coordinated anti-truancy initiatives for over 7,000 students locally exposing them to professional sports teams, and local and national government officials. Awards: Editor’s Choice Award, Delta Sigma Theta Women in Arts Award, Concord Church Women of Excellence Award for Community Service (Youth Drama Director for 16 years) AIDS 5 Years 5 Heroes Award judged by the Dionne Warwick.

Dona Mitchell
Office Manager & Truancy Coordinator for Lancaster ISD Police Dept.
814 W. Pleasant Run Rd, Lancaster TX 75146
Phone: 972-218-1649 Fax: 972-218-3085

Member of International Assoc of Truancy & Prevention Drop Out-3rd Vice President
Member of Texas Assoc of Truancy & Prevention Drop Out-Newsletter Committee
Member of Lancaster City Civic Leadership Academy
Member of Lancaster Police Dept. LPOC Team
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