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May is Mental Health Month

Globally, mental illness is on the rise. With the impact of Covid-19 shutting the world down a year ago, it was traumatizing for students with mental health issues. Today even more youth are experiencing anxiety and stress, suicidal thoughts, deep depression and challenges from Covid-19.

Understanding Mental Health is critical. This is a great time to educate staff, parents and students on mental health issues. Let us make this a priority and support students with mental health issues. For ways to get involved, contact your local schools.

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Dona Mitchell

President, IATDP

Return to School


Return to School

“With the start of a new school year, a lot needs to happen so that students can learn and thrive without raising the risk of spreading COVID-19. The goal of having children attend school in person — which is how they learn best — will only be safe when a community has the spread of the virus under control.