On line membership dues payment is now available. There are now two methods for Membership Application and Dues Payment:

 (1) Payment by Check using Mail-in Application:


  • When mailing the printed application, be sure to include a signed check for your Annual Dues. The form is designed to either be mailed in a legal size envelope or folded and mailed. Postage is required.

Note: if you have submitted a conference registration form that includes dues payment, it is not necessary to submit an additional application for membership.

(2) Payment via Pay Pal and E-Mail Application:

    • Please ONLY e-mail the application if you Pay for Dues via PayPal.


    • Use the first row of Icons on the following linked page to Pay Dues via Pay Pal. Then, return to this page and download the MS Word version of the Membership Application Pay Dues via Pay Pal.


    • Fill in the application and save it to your computer.



  • Again, please only e-mail the application if you pay using PayPal.


    • if you are renewing your annual membership dues, you do not have to complete another membership application unless there have been significant changes to your account; such as changed e-mail address, new phone numbers, etc.


  • You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use their service – you only need one of the major credit cards accepted by PayPal.