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Thank you for your interest in The International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention (IATDP). Our membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to the semi-annual Journal of IATDP, a publication that addresses truancy and dropout prevention.
  • Free listing in the official directory of IATDP.
  • Reduced fees for the IATDP Annual Conference.
  • Opportunities to network with others in the field of truancy and dropout prevention.
  • Eligibility to serve on committees and be nominated for leadership positions in the association.
  • Right of active members to vote for individuals who serve IATDP.
  • Eligibility of active members to serve on the Board of Directors, the policy-making body of the Association.
  • Opportunities to publish articles in an international journal that address truancy and dropout prevention.

There are now two methods for Membership Application and payment of annual dues:

  1. Payment by Check using Mail-in Application
    Download “IATDP Membership Application PDF“. Kindly print this form and fill it out by hand. When mailing the printed application, be sure to include a signed check for your Annual Dues. The form is designed to either be mailed in a legal size envelope or folded and mailed. Postage is required. Note: If you have submitted a conference registration form that includes dues payment, it is not necessary to submit an additional application for membership.
    Please complete and mail to Brian Hartsell, ATTN: IATDP, Treasurer, 2808 Red Ellis Lane, Knoxville, TN 37924. Send inquires to Brian Hartsel at brian.hartsell@knoxschools.org or call (865) 594-1506.
  2. Online Payment and Member Registration
    To begin this process, simply complete the membership application form below. Upon submission, you will be redirected to the IATDP payment portal.

    Annual Conference
    Membership/Public Relations

    Regular Membership

    Full membership benefits for one year


    Library Subscription

    Subscription valid for a full year


    Student or Retired Associate

    60% discount for students and retired associates.


    Lifetime Member

    IATDP full member benefits for life